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We continue the series of interviews about education with Carol Ott - winner of the IYDC International Young Contest Design 2019. Together with the victory, Carol got an excellent opportunity – a course in one of the best design school: IED - Istituto Europeo di Design.
Carol comes from Estonia and she shared with DESIGNERS.UA how studying at IED changed her life. 


Did you expect to win the competition?
I had no expectations when I went to Ukraine. It was even a blessing for me that I won the competition in Estonia. But getting from Estonia to Ukraine with my collection was amazing: I could not be happier to be there together with talented designers from Europe. 
How did you become a participant in the International Young Designer Contest?
I won a competition in Estonia called Estonian Fashion Festival. The grand prix of the competition was a golden ticket to IYDC in Ukraine.
Please tell us about the collection that was presented during the competition
The collection KÕIK ON TROIS! was inspired to the life of my parents home – in an island. The island itself is really small and there are just 69 people living on there through the year. It is amazing to see how creative people get when they don't have luxury to go to shop if they need something. Usually everything that is found at home or by the sea is used to create something that is needed at the moment. This way of thinking should be more common in today’s world where we just produce without even using it all. It is always easier to get a new one rather than make good use of old.  So in the collection I used different recycling methods - like flower shop throwaway flowers (that I dried and laminated on clothes), leftover fabrics for clothes making and even leftover Estonian water forces uniforms to create unique pieces.

Were you happy with the opportunity to study at IED?
Yes, I was really happy about that. I had heard good things about the courses from my fellows in that university.
What is the difference between the training system in IED and the  training you encountered before?
It is a bit difficult to say because before IED I have been in more creative circumstances – as art learning process has to be creative and really hands on. But I liked that - even if marketing is more sophisticated and serious - IED training still included hands-on activities and visitings. I really think it helps to memorize better all the things that are learned on class.



What approach did the teachers in IED use?
Different teachers had different approaches. There were included lectures, group works, sightseeings, museum visitings, working outdoors. A good combination of different things.
What did you learn at IED?
Mostly I learned how to notice different aspects of market. Different business systems need different marketing approaches. You need ta make sure to WHO are you offering your products/services and react according to costumer’s needs. 


What do you remember the most from your training?
The most memorable moment was a lecture with Serena Sala. I loved her italian attitude and wise words about how life/marketing works in today’s society. With her 3 hours lecture she changed my world. 


Why did you choose marketing?
Actually, it was a tough decision. Since I am a designer then the design workshops seemed really interesting. Also the trend forecasting was tempting me since I have heard so much good things about it. But eventually I chose marketing since I want to go further with my brand and it is the most important aspect when you want to sell something.


What are the most important tools that you identified for yourself in  the learning process? Are you still using them?
The most important tool was learning how to get the needs of different age groups. So I could offer them what they want. Finally to realize how marketing works. I am still using that knowledge and will do it also in the future. Hopefully being even more and more skilled.



Have your views on brand development changed after studying at IED?
Yes my views on brand development have changed after IED. Now I have some extra skills in my pocket to use for the future.

What do you suggest to people who are considering studying in Europe?
Studying abroad is really important. Not only the study systems are different in other countries but also the community is different. It is such an important aspect of life to see how people with different culture live. It really opens your eyes and helps you with your future decisions in work, inspiration for life etc. So when you study abroad, see different places, talk with people, eat local food and look local art and architecture this gives you the best training.


Tell us how are you developing the brand after studying at IED?
My goal is to finish my web page and go on with my own brand on instagram using the different strategies I got in IED. I would like to make new collections and start re-producing them in small quantities. Moreover I hope to get more people involved with my brand.



Do you plan to work more in Estonia or abroad?
Right now my goal is to work in Estonia but I am also planning an internship abroad and maybe some day have branches abroad of my own brand.

Creativity and business - how to combine these two concepts for a  successful brand?
This is a tough combination actually. Because business means more selling more mainstream stuff. But I think it is important to be as creative as you are. Create a community around you who respects the beauty of difference and the business follows if you are doing the right things. It is important to be consistant and think to who are you selling the creativity.

Your recommendations to novice designers and those who want, but are not sure to enter the Fashion industry.
The fashion industry is quite rough and if you don't have anything to say with your brand or crativity, then it will not work and it will be a big suffer. Being part of fashion industry is only possible when you passionately love it.